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PostSubject: Board Rules   Board Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2009 7:06 am

1. No multiple accounts - 1 member - 1 email only

2. No backrides and tailgaiting. Do not allow non-members of this board to view threads by logging in using your username and password or by allowing them to view with you. (unless you are introducing the site to them)

3. Posts which have scandalous, pornographic and argumentative content may be banned or deleted by admins without prior notice. Warnings will be given to those who will be posting harmful content.

4. No overflowing of large pictures and screenshots when posting.

5. No flooding.. If you wish to emphasize, customize your posts but do not flood

6. Flaming is not allowed. No personal grudges to be entertained. This forum was created to release tension and create fun not to alleviate them.

7. Non-members may not post or create threads. Those who wish to join, please read the "How to join" thread.

8. Anonymity is respected just avoid using anonymity as a tool to flame someone while hiding. In other words, trolling is not allowed.

9. Limit replies related to topic or subject of the created thread. Off topic is aloowed in the SPAM section only.

*** the admins reserve the right to delete posts which may be deemed harmful to the majority ***
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Board Rules
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